We Engineer & Develop Innovation

We Are A Simple Company With A Simple Goal

We feel that our results oriented and visionary engineers can deliver your vision, with passion. Put simply, there is no other team in the world that offers the level of unique and highly motivated creative professionals who can fuse traditional and advanced engineering acumen with the creative and passionate drive we provide.

In addition to our innovative approach and family of creative personalities, PM&A is dedicated to providing superior and tailored quality throughout every stage of a project. We believe in long lasting, trust-based relationships with clients.

Vision and Mission

PM&A believes that quality and unparalleled customer service in all aspects of business can also incorporate wit and sense of exploration and discovery in the engineering process.

Our Philosophy

The execution and operation of a multi-discipline engineering project of any scale involves careful planning and collaboration with the project manager, engineers and service suppliers.

Services We Offer

The engineering services provided by PM&A are custom tailored to our clients’ needs. PM&A has assembled a proven team of Engineers, Designers, Project Managers and Technicians with hard won experience and expertise in all areas of Communications and Traditional Building Engineering.

Our Commitments

In short, PM&A is the place where dreams are realized and promises are delivered.
It’s this commitment to your vision and our creativity which makes us an industry leader, and the right choice for your next project.

Want a quick start ?

Get the solution that turns your “impossible” project into one that exceeds your expectations.


Yes we stress user experience and it has been always our top priority. But you just need to try it to see what we actually mean!


We are very concerned about the smallest details. Almost every single element is made to look and work perfect.


PM&A is undoubtedly one of the most successful engineering firms with innovative and quick turn around solutions.


innovative engineering

We blend innovative engineering approaches with passion and vision to deliver superior project management with speed and reliability to each of our customers Every. Step. Of. The. Way.

Our clients come to us wide-eyed dreamers with a vision for their project. Instead of telling them, “It can’t be done” and kill our client’s dream, we nurture that dream and take it as our own! At PM&A, it can be done, and we do it every freakin’ day.

We Are Differenter

At PM&A, we don’t equate ties and button down shirts with professionalism and talent. From the first steps you take into the PM&A offices, you will be greeted with an entirely new way to attack your project and the can-do staff to makes it happen.

Just because our engineers wear a soul patch and have a pony tail doesn’t mean they aren’t tops in their field. We recruit engineers who not only have the letters behind their names and awards on their mantel, but also that indescribable spark that gives PM&A the institutional edge. Mike Brady would definitely not fit into our corporate culture. We’d kick that loser to the curb and tell him to come back when he finds his passion!


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