Electric Vehicle Station Distribution


Along with advancements in technology in the 21st century, the use of electric vehicles is on the rise. More and more cities are introducing EV stations to encourage the usage of EVs. Gone now are the days of Mag wheels and stick shifts. And PM&A is ready with solutions to make our highly anticipated dreams come true.

But this phenomenon isn’t as simple as upgrading to a smart phone. the inappropriate sizing and construction of an EV charging station can have serious and negative impact on the development and growth of EVs! Proper planning is needed to network losses as well as inconveniences for EV drivers.

Our passionate and dedicated engineers are poised with the aptitude and talent to deploy EV charging networks nationwide from the ground up.

How do we do it? We carry out the comprehensive research necessary to find and document optimal sites for EV charging stations. These sites are identified by a basic two-step screening process: first we consider environmental factors and second we consider the service radius of any potential future EV charging station.

With the popularity of electric vehicles increasing in the States, city planners are looking towards alternative fueling stations to meet the growing requirements of fuel for electric cars. If you happen to be looking for EV charging station services in your area feel free to contact PM&A for a complete solution from start to finish.

PM&A EV Station Distribution Services Include:

  • Feasibility studies
  • ROW and Easement acquisition.
  • Route and Lateral engineering design services.
  • Utility coordination and permitting services.
  • Robust construction, Installation and Inspection services.

The EV charging stations constructed by the experts at PM&A offer unparalleled utility, energy management, affordability and not to mention safety to both clients and end users.

In a nutshell, we connect you to the most effective solution for EV Station Design and Installation.

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