The world we live in isn’t filled with rainbows and daisies…challenges arise. But it’s how you attack those challenges that makes the difference. PM&A is the best, problem to solution, idea to execution engineering firm for all your telecom needs.

At PM&A, we understand the intricate nature of both building and upgrading wireless networks. It’s Complicated, we know.

Our team has a proven track record when it comes to delivering complex projects on time and with no service interruptions.

And not only that, we also realize the need to scale up. That’s why we retrofit and take special measures to ensure that a facility is scalable and meet all future mission critical needs. We’ve got your back.

Technical areas which need to be identified and analyzed make for the largest part of any construction site. Unfortunately, there are certain areas which are neglected and which often times lead to disputes. The multi-discipline team of PM&A has the qualification and experience which is needed to deal with these issues.

Our Technical services include:

  • Network Engineering Services
  • Site Maintenance and Inspections
  • Systems Integration & Optimization
  • Site Audits & Repair
  • Design & Construction
  • Power Installation & Upgrades
  • Generator Installation, Test & Commissioning
  • Network Maintenance
  • Transport (System Design & Analysis, Install Fiber & Copper Cabling, Microwave Design & Infrastructure)
  • Hardware (Transport, Install, Commission, Integrate & Remove, Swap Outs & Hot Cuts, Reconfiguration & Conditioning, Carrier Upgrades & Expansions)

In the end, we have the expertise needed to deliver high quality and zero-defect facilities in the best and most cost efficient manner. The technical assistance and management service that we provide via our multi-disciplinary team is offered to all regardless of scale and during all stages of your project.

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