Zoning and Permitting


Zoning regulates the form, size, height, and mass of a building that is allowed on any given property. All projects need the support of elected officials, government employees, community leaders and concerned citizens. All these groups are considered stakeholders in any construction or upgrade project you undertake.

Our team of professionals understand exactly how this process works. We have major hands-on knowledge concerning the most important market jurisdictions in the country. Our participation with your project ensures that every aspect receives the right support and expertise so that resources, funds and time are not wasted.

If what you require is the highest quality in zoning and permitting services, then you don’t need to look any further. PM&A provides the most comprehensive zoning and permitting services for their clients.

Our Zoning and Permitting Services Include:

  • Zoning Analysis
  • Zoning Application Preparation
  • Zoning Hearings / Representation
  • Expert testimony
  • Pre submittal Consultation?
  • Balloon Tests
  • Public Information Meetings
  • Public Mailings
  • Public Hearing
  • BP Application
  • Community Outreach Strategies and Implementation

Our Building Construction experts specialize in public safety by our knowledge of and adhering to important construction standards and codes. We specialize in building permits which are required for most types of new construction, particularly for structural modifications and replacements.

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